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Thursday, February 25, 2021
Enduring to the end!

Truth Matters! 2

What  Do  The  Following  Gospel  Verses  Have  In  Common?

                    Matthew    17:21 ; 23:14                                         Luke        17:36 ; 23:17   
                    Mark         7:16 ; 9:44 ; 11:26 ; 15:28                     John          5:4

Are you sitting down?  All of the above verses are no longer included in the main reading
text of some of the more recent translations of the New Testament.  REALLY!  Scholars, for
reasons based on fallible human opinion, have decided that these verses should no longer appear in the currently published Greek New Testament—some of the Greek Texts, anyway.  Other scholars vehemently disagree due, in part, to a clear principle in the Bible.
Our concern is this:  On what grounds are we making decisions contrary to what the Word of God teaches?  The Word of God says His Word is forever settled in heaven (Ps. 119:89).  The Word of God still says the entirety of it (His Word) is truth (Ps. 119:160).  The Word of God,
at this time, anyway (satirical), continues to declare nothing will by any means pass from
“the law” till all is fulfilled (Mt. 5:18). 
And let’s not forget what the Word of God says in
Revelation 22 concerning the taking away and the adding thereto.  (Many words are omitted from the Book of Revelation in these more recent versions based upon the eclectic Greek New Testaments – Nestle and UBS texts.)

Our point is this:  Have we once again elevated our limited human opinion* above the Word of God?  When we make decisions undermining the Biblical principles, have we not placed our view higher than the authority of God’s Word?  With what warrant do we feel we can disregard the as-high-as-the-heavens-are-above-the-earth thoughts and ways of God for our human opinion?

Satan continued his doubting millennia ago when he questioned God’s Word by
          saying to Eve: 
“Has God indeed said?”

          Satan’s contribution to the fall of humanity emphasized his intention to undermine
          God's Word when
he was so bold as to say, “You will surely not die…”   This pre-
          sents a clear example of darkness willfully
rejecting what God has truthfully declared.
          Satan went on to further challenge God’s Word and character with his opinion when
          he distorted the 
whole truth by saying, “For God knows that in the day you eat of it
          your eyes will be opened, and
you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”  Once
          again, another demonstration of a major quality
of darkness:  Rejection of God’s
          Truths, in this instance, through distortions thereof.

WOW!  There are some parallels here, demonstrable in both the world and the church.  We live in a day darker than many of us care to acknowledge, assuming we have discerned it in the first place!  We actually live in a society that is following after exactly what the Word of God speaks to concerning the father of this world.  Though they do not discern it, they are in bondage to the great deceiver, satan himself. 

Concerning end-time themes addressed in the Bible, how is it that the Word of God says the days of the end just prior to the glorious return of Jesus Christ will be like other days where the every-day activities are occurring while at the same time be days that witness tremendous evil?  Study the passages that speak to these things.  You will be amazed at how accurately the Word of God is now describing our day – a day that includes both the regular activities of life and horrendous, abominable deeds done by men.  For a start, begin reading these passages found in the Bible:

          The Psalms                               Matthew 24, 25                        I Thessalonians 4, 5
          The Book of Daniel                  Mark 13                                   II Thessalonians 2
          The Book of Revelation            Luke 17, 21                              I Timothy 4
          The Minor Prophets                  John 13 – 17                            II Timothy 3, 4
          The Gospels                              I Corinthians 15                        Titus
          I & II Peter                                I, II & III John                          Jude

What a day in which to live!  May we demonstrate ourselves to be sincere followers of Jesus Christ and remain in His Word, an abiding act that is ongoing and includes both reading and heeding!

* Even “scholarly address" is limited human opinion.