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Thursday, February 25, 2021
Enduring to the end!

Truth Matters! 6

Are  These  Further  Attempts  To  Undermine  The  Holy  Word  Of  God?
How would you respond?  In a formal academic setting that brings further training to pastors, numerous classes brought the exhortation to avoid saying “We, as Christians, have truth.”  The appeal came from a few different instructors who were teaching different courses.  In other words, this message was being promoted by multiple professors, not simply one renegade.  How would you respond?
As a Bible-believer in the group, I discerned that I needed to be careful as to how I proceeded.  I made it clear that yes, we, in and of ourselves, cannot say we have absolute truth.  Given our many limitations, we simply do not have the resources, in and of ourselves (individually and as a gathered community), to say we have 100% certainty.  After affirming the instruction in this way, I went on to bring an important clarification. 
Although we cannot say we have absolute certainty given who we are—finite creatures—it is crucial that we, if we are true to the worldview He wants us to hold, must affirm God’s perspective in our relative day:  We are graciously blessed—those who would by faith receive it as it is (His divine, eternal revelation of Truth)—to have absolute truth when we understand and accept Who it is that has communicated!  T(His) Truth does indeed allow us to rise above our own limitations to the extent where we can confidently say that, once again, due to His revelation to us, we have Truth.  My instructors did not seem to acknowledge this crucial distinction.  But it is one that must be clarified and accepted. 
In the days ahead, look for this relative perspective—it’s everywhere, even within our churches.  If you would appreciate some tools whereby you can better respond to this deceptive teaching, visit our web sites that address this concern.  One that is intended for a non-Christian reading audience sincerely open to Truth is  www.truthmatters.com.  One that has been specifically built for a Christian readership is  www.truthfoundations.com.  Let us know what you think.  Give us some feedback as to how effective you feel this information is in addressing one of the false teachings of our day frequently expressed though contemporary culture.
Speaking of present-day culture, what would you do concerning this cultural trend?
In Oregon you can now purchase a specialized license plate that includes the phrase, “Cultural Trust.” Many pay for this seed-plant (a way to gently further promote the idea that our culture, today, is what actually sets or dictates the life standard and that we need to trust our culture to lead us forward).  Indeed, cultural mandates continue to pop up everywhere, not to mention and develop the appeal to let society continue its change.  God-based foundational truths continue to be taken out of our culture, and will continue to be further taken out in the days ahead.  But it’s not only secular culture that is substituting God’s Truths for satanic ones.  Some religious movements are doing the same. 
Many Christians (those who continue to uphold the Bible as our authority standard or means of measuring all things) are opposed to the traditional authority of the Orthodox Church, especially when the traditions of the system are honored above the clear teachings of the Word of God.  Cultural tradition is not God’s-people-in-Christ-Jesus’ standard of faith and practice—it remains the Word of God.  Yet, a growing movement within Christianity is also appealing that we consider the voice of the church today (expressed through all the polities—hierarchical [pastor], elder board and congregational rule) as the current means by which to determine correct standard.  It’s the rule of the Church today that brings direction, even above the Word of God.  So they say.
This is even taking place in the context of hermeneutics—the issue of interpretation of Scripture.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the idea, “The Word of God is not a standard of measurement for today, only a historical guide as to what God's people (Israel and the Church) decided what was correct for them back in their times.  Today’s a new day and we need the Church to bring on a new revelation that fits today’s world.”  This same idea is being heralded by many today who would also say that it is the spiritual people today who set the standard for culture and life in general for today’s generation.  This time it’s often so syncretistic that it includes deviant perspectives—both cult and even other world religious viewpoints.  Mark those who teach this error.  Discern them as instruments of deception, for that they are.  Contemporary religions leaders are not the final authorities for faith and practice.  Stated in yet another way, what our religious leaders set by way of standard is not the preeminent authority God has determined to be the ultimate one.  Yes, follow pastors who are Biblical, but always measure what they teach in light of the clear teachings of God’s Word.  There are many deceiving voices today that are calling for the substituting of God’s clear revelation for the mandates of global humanism, a system that the antichrist will eventually use in the days just prior to the glorious return of Jesus Christ.