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Thursday, February 25, 2021
Enduring to the end!

Truth Matters! 1

Can  Christians  Reject  God's  Absolute  Truths?

We're sorry, but we remain really perplexed about a major issue that has been addressed now for over two decades.  It pertains to the statistic showing many Christians (now believed to be well over 50%) do not believe in Absolute Truth.  If you discern an error in the following thought progression, please get back to us.  We remain teachable, sincerely we do.  The concern is this:

We live in a skeptical day.  The agnostics are presenting their worldview faith perspective in ways that seem right to a man.  But this appeal to doubt is affecting Christians in ways that strongly undermine their vitality in Jesus Christ.  James 1 speaks volumes here!  Here’s our offering concerning Truth Matters.

1.       The Bible states very clearly that God is all-knowing and that He has revealed some of
          these absolute Truths to us.  John 14:6 is one crucial example.  The Bible also states
          that God's Word is Truth.  Has our relative culture made that huge of an impact on this
          absolutely crucial 
foundational starting point whereby we no longer believe His Word?
          We must remember that:  
“Forever is Your word settled in heaven … The entirety of
          Your Word is truth and every one
of Your righteous judgments endures forever.”  
          Psalm 119: 89, 160

          Isaiah 40:8 also affirms the eternality of God’s Word.  Isaiah 55 serves to bring an
          awesome some illustration concerning how puny our wisdom is compared to God’s.
          Yet, we seem to undermine His Truths by the ways in which we go about opinionating
          God's Word.  This happened
not so long ago at one of our local Portland churches
          in the context of denying what the
Word of God clearly teaches concerning His
          work of Creation.  It's so sad that we reject His
precious and clear revelation for our
          cultural authorities that are so limited in scope—this includes
both scientific theories
          and theological traditions.  Our Lord Jesus in Matthew 15:1ff has some strong Words
          in response to those who hold the opinions of man above the Word of God.

          For more Scriptural support for this fundamental Truth, see www.truthfoundations.com
          or, if you’re so influenced by this skeptical mindset that you're currently finding yourself
questioning the Truth of our omniscient God’s revelations, see www.truthmatters.com.   

2.       We find a greater commitment to peace and unity than we do to doctrinal purity today.
“Doctrine Matters,” then why is it that major denominations within Christendom are 
          catering to
 the global movement of  peace at all costs – even to the extent of compro-
          mising major and very
culturally relevant doctrines like the Pre-Millennial return of  
          Jesus Christ?  It’s happening.

          Do we forget it’s better to obey God than man?  Do we place unity in the body at such
          a high
priority that we are willing to compromise the eternally consequential Truths that
          have been eternally
settled in heaven?  Do we discern this level of accommodation is
          exactly what the worldly para
digm is mandating we do today—that we give only peace-
          ful contributions that promote world unity
in the context of religious matters.  This global
          unity will only come about (they say) if  1) a global,
agreed-upon view is defined (which
          will eventually be partially realized for a brief time under the
reign of antichrist), or 
          2) those who hold to a particular view do not (and those who advocate
          tolerance of religious perspective emphasize “do not!”) hold their position to the ex-

          tent that they call other positions "wrong."  This is happening as we seek to be tolerant 

          of other opinions concerning the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ.  If we follow in the

          world's mandate that we uphold peace and unity at a
higher priority than we do the 
          major doctrines of the Faith, then we undermine His Truths and call
those who continue
          to faithfully proclaim them to be those who, God forbid, discord among
the body!

There’s so much more to say on this matter.  Please get back to us with your responses on
this absolutely essential matter.  Email
us through the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page. 
May we heed the instruction of our Lord:  “See to it that no one deceives you.”  God has
graced His people with His eternal Truths.  We have no choice in this precious blessing.  He
has given absolute Truths that are forever settled in heaven.  Thanks be to God that we have
been delivered from the bondage of darkness and translated into this state that so wonderfully
sets us free.