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Thursday, February 25, 2021
Enduring to the end!

Truth Matters! 12


What  Are  Some  Of  These  Cultural  End-Time  THEMES ?
This is huge!  
As one evaluates current cultural expressions on a global scale, it’s amazing to note how accurate the Word of God is concerning the predicting of these very things!  Only those who are deceived persist in rejecting these current affairs/current matters.  Don’t be misled by the darkness currently holding many in its bondage.  We realize some scoff at the idea that many today are actually held captive by spiritual darkness, but if reality is clearly presenting these things, it’s best to at least check into them, especially given the degree of consequence tied to the way one goes about responding to these present-day occurrences.  As He did while on earth, Jesus Christ continues to set anyone free who comes to Him!
So, what are these themes?  We would like to address only one here, although the sub-themes should not be seen as insignificant secondaries.
~     World migration to a global system - a movement which cannot be factually denied
            In order for this to happen—just give it some simple thought—certain things must
               transpire. We are seeing this take place TODAY!  While multiple “things” could
               be included in this address (e.g., economic/monetary changes;  political/govern-
               mental strategizing; educational style emphasizing syncretistic and synergistic
               appeals; military allignments; life necessity agencies; and global telecommunica-
               tions, to name but a few), the  religious  category of life is addressed in the
               following introductory paragraphs. 
1.      In order to bring the category of “religious” matters into global harmony, deceptive efforts at trying to syncretize religious worldviews must take place—and that they are.  To deny this is factually wrong, for we see efforts along these lines everywhere.  To the discerning, this simply cannot be done if one is sincere to the diverse perspectives. 
One cannot, for example, accept the Mormon god or the Watchtower god as the God of the Bible—they are irreconcilable given the teachings of each.  One cannot syncretize the god of Islam with the God of the Bible—the Trinitarian Truths make this impossible, again, if one allows the authoritative Scriptures to speak for themselves. I assume I don’t have to justify the claim that other non-monotheistic world religions cannot be consistently merged.  Yet, attempts to do so are numerous.  This is deception at work.  But it doesn’t stop simply at the level of contradictory appeal for the merging of these viewpoints.  Because it is the case that these belief systems cannot be syncretized, the false teachers (another prediction in the Word of God concerning the days just prior to the return of Jesus Christ) go about this effort in an even greater, dishonest way. Read on!
So what do some do?  Concerning the representation of, say, Christianity, for example, they pervert, twist, redefine, bring faulty stereotyping, etc. – anything to justify their agenda.
To those who attempt this evil act—whereby their agenda to merge all faiths into a desired state of compromise moves forward (by the way, peaceful coexistence is a very different thing), we say: 

Don’t be deceived!” (II Timothy 4:3,4)

For example, “John Spong, you are propagating deception.  The ‘christianity’ you offer has no victorious Savior, no hope of atonement for sin or reconciliation with God, and yes, no eternal life, to name but a few of your dark, satanic substitutes.  This is not Christianity.*  You can call it what you like in order to further the appeal for a dawn of harmony, but this is not historical Christianity.”  (Spong makes these appeals all the while denying what actually took place about 2,000 years ago!  But on what grounds does he do so?  We have our strong reasons for belief, what is it that he actually gives in support of his appeal?)  Some would call this name-calling.

“Satanic?” they say. “Aren’t you crossing the line?”  In response, if you who may be in this very state of being deceived only knew the nature and character qualities of the one who holds you in bondage—again, if this is indeed the case—you would be more aware of the bigger picture of reality.  Recall the appeal of the Matrix series.  

A few of satan’s most basic flaws were (and continue to be) pride, rebellion and commitment to deception.  Are you mirroring some of these very qualities?  This is a fair question, and we ask it with the sincere hope that those who are indeed deceived will wake up to that fact and turn to God for deliverance.  Much more could be said here, but I must get on to the next sub-theme.  But before I do, one brief response to this ever-common idea that the Jesus of the New Testament is not the real Jesus of history.
Jesus Christ—because of His life, His atoning death and resurrection to everlasting, glorified existence in God’s awesome presence—continues to offer forgiveness of sin and eternal life to those who would simply believe and receive Him and His provision.  For one expression of the Good News found only in Jesus Christ, write to us for your free copy of Ultimate Questions.
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2.      As sincere followers of Jesus Christ (the Bible says there will be many false believers or believers-by-name in the days of the end), yes as faithful believers expose the cultural deceptions of our day (motivated by genuine loving care for those in danger of being deceived to the extent of having to bear grotesque, eternal consequences), increased persecution toward those of us who persist in bringing warning will occur.  This is why it is so dangerous for us to be currently conformed into the world’s image and in the present state of intimidation concerning the sharing of our faith.  The world has conditioned us against being God’s faithful heralds and, by and large, we have submitted to its pressures.  But for those who are not lukewarm but endure in following the Lord Jesus Christ, increased persecution will indeed continue to occur. 
The Bible clearly teaches/predicts this and this very persecution is growing as we venture into the early part of this final chapter of human history before Jesus Christ sets up His millennial rule.
Because true followers of Jesus Christ will not conform to this dark world, we will refuse to be deceived by the global agenda and also be in the position of being able to further discern the next waive of deception as a result of knowing God’s Word.  See First Things First Page
3.      The appearance of the antichrist will then formerly occur.  Here again, due, in part, to the global conditioning through present-day mediums, the unbelieving people of the earth will follow this deceiver—actually thinking he is worthy of their allegiance due to,  1) his message of world peace,  and,  2) the deceptive signs he brings (the Bible also clearly predicts this in II Thess. 2 and Revelation 13).
It is at about this time that Great Persecution will break out, but God will cut these days short.  BUT THIS IS NOT THE END. Read Matthew 24:21,22.  These verses are followed by verses 23 – 31.  Note the first word of verse 23: “TOTE” (Greek)!  Then what happens? 
The Bible continues to be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path! Glory to Yahweh—the Triune I AM that I AM!
*     Kenneth Boa, in An Unchanging Faith in a Changing World (1997), made this observation years
          ago: "It is astonishing that a bishop of an orthodox Christian denomination endorses this 
          interpretation of the Christian message.  [See context concerning the distortions on page 127
          of Boa's work]  Judging from his writings, Bishop Spong believes virtually nothing that he 
          professed to affirm when he was required to uphold the creeds of the early church as well as
          the Episcopal Church's quite orthodox confession.  His beliefs are far, far closer to those of 
          Buddhism or even secular humanism than to Christianity.  So what is he doing in the church?
          And this question can be asked of thousands of ministers and professors in most of the 
          mainline denominations today."  Boa's next offer of common-sense wisdom concludes this
          observation: "Again, those who wish to reject Christian beliefs have the freedom to do so.  
          But they ought to be honest enough to admit that they are not Christians."  (pg. 128; 
          bracketed comments ours)